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TCLTextEdit 0.9.10
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    Plain window.
    Help window.
    Text shell.
    macro manager.

    Image of main window

    What is TCLTextEdit?
    Tcl TextEdit is a simple and powerfull texteditor for the X-Windows system.
    It's easy to use and easy to install.
    The editor is written entierly in TK/TCL and requires tk/tcl 8.0 or higher
    The main target for the editor is UNIX, but it is possible to run it on a Ms-Windows system, however some features may not work properly.

    • Filelist
    • Text shell
    • Help browse function
    • Wheel mouse support (If your X version supports it)
    • Unlimited undo
    • Grep search
    • Search/Replace
    • Fast macros (in tk/tcl code, and shell script)
    • Macro recording
    • Speed buttons/Macro buttons
    • Goto lines
    • Execute
    • Multiple files
    • Cut/Paste
    • Clipboard
    • Get/Put FTP
    • Get HTML
    • Line nuber indicator
    • Changed indicator
    • Popup menus
    • And more....

    • Download from 
    • You can get the latest snapshot here tcltextedit-snapshot.tar.gz
      • Note that there is no guarantee that the latest snapshot will work, it is only a copy of the development code generated every day at midnight. But if you wish to live on the edge you are welcome to try it.
    • To download Tk/Tcl visit their homepage Tk/Tcl homepage

    Please feel free to use this logo at your homepage
    Just copy the image and insert the html code below where you want it
    Small logo
    <A HREF="">
    <IMG SRC="ttenow.gif" BORDER="0"
    ALT="Get TCL TextEdit now!!"></A>

    Google search


    Release info
    Version 0.9.10 released 01-03-03
    • Add binary distribution.

    • (Only for i386 Linux, ie. no need to install Tk/Tcl)
    • Moved helpfiles to separate directory
    • Removed (Bad KDE support)
    • Add "Insert Special char" dialog
    • Add posibility to delete files in filelist window.
    • Add new common dialog window.
    • Various bug fixes on the file list.
    Version 0.9.9 released 00-12-25
    •  Logo in File menu
    •  Possibility to assign icons to speed buttons
    •  Load/Save/New/Close (new default buttons with icons)
    •  Possibility to resize file list and textshell
    •  Parameters to shell script macro files
    •  Fixed window resize bug
    •  Added macro manager and ability to exec sh macros
    •  Added textshell + cleaned up gui.tcl
    •  Added support for wrapping
    •  Added some new color coding to the file list
    •  Fixed several bugs in findreplace routines
    •  Changed/improved internal handling of macro files
    Version 0.9.8 released 99-11-28
    • Added file browser function (Experimental)
    • Some small bug fixes.
    Version 0.9.7 released 99-08-13
    • Added RPM package !!!
    • Added a working Undo function !
    • Added a help browser! (All help text is not written yet...)
    • Removed the stupid file requester (Using the tk/tcl built in)
    • All code is now in CVS so now i have a little better control over things (I hope ;-)
    • And as usual some bugs are fixxed and some new are created.
    Version 0.9.5 released 99-02-04
    • Allmost all files are rewritten in a more structured way
    • Removed Undo function (Will be implemented later)
    • Removed experimental "markings"
    • Added experimental filerequest
    • Added speed buttons
    • Added ability to automatically generate configuration files
    • Added posibility to modify key bindings from conf. file
    • Added standard error handler

    Version 0.9.0 released 98-08-21

    • Added Undo function (control-z)
    • Added experimental "markings"
    • Added open url at command line
    • Added ftp load/save function
    • Added Exec function (with preview try use %f %F %w)
    • Removed window buttons, added support for up to 100 windows
    Version 0.7.0 released 98-06-03
    • Mayor restructuring of the code
    • Changes to the file structure
    • .tcltextedit now installes itself in a diffrent directory: default /usr/local/tcltextedit
    • .tcltextedit was renamed to rc an placed into $HOME/.tcltextedit/, wich also acts as a place to store tmp files and macro files.
    • Added macro functions
    • Added "Open Url"
    • Added filesaved check when closed by wm
    • Filenames are now displayed in the title bar (only name.ext part)
    • Changed help window
    • Load multiple files from commandline
    • Updated install script
    Version 0.6.8 released 98-05-21
    • Tk/Tcl Version check at startup
    • The color settings are fixxed, They actually work !
    • A popup menu was added, (Just press somewhere over the text with the third ouse button)
    • The clipboard routines are also fixed
    • You can now choose the nuber of windows in the .tcltextedit file
    • The Changed text now changes color thanks to Thierry Andry
    • Plus some small bugfixxes
    Version 0.6.5 released 98-05-14
    • Handles up to 10 files
    • Supports X-clipboard and editation of the clipbord
    • Load clipboard from file
    • Search/Replace function
    • Improved keyboard-interface